Guidelines to Oil Painting And Abstract Art

Artists have been painting with oil for hundreds of years, there is a certain old school standing for oil paintings, probably because it was the art of many European masters. The famous Mona Lisa was also oil painted. Today, oil art is still known for the glossy and rich finish it provides, the art is rather intimidating for some to select as their genre but it can turn out so beautifully.

Abstract art is a beautifully executed technique that any artist should try at least once, the depth painted by the painter depends on the viewer's first interaction with the painting. Due to their quality and consistency, they take longer to dry than acrylics, and can prove difficult to be handled.
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You just need to remember to take one stroke at a time, slowly rather than fast.

Are you overwhelmed to paint using oil paints? Below are some guidelines that can help give your painting the depth and understanding of the world of oil art.

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