Scams Involving Cryptocurrencies And How to Avoid Them

Impersonation scams are the most prevalent scams. A scam means a stranger posing as a member of the government body and asking you to give your private details such as your SSN, DOB, credit card details, etc. Sometimes you may receive calls or receive an email from fraudulent websites asking for your private information. How to avoid: Whether it’s a customer service agent or a broker, never give out your personal information and even remote monitoring of your computer to anyone. Check the email you received for misspellings since they are common, such as “0” in place of “O,” etc.GiveawaysThis is a well-known cryptocurrency giveaway scam. Scammers are expanding their giveaway schemes by leveraging social media. They offer a giveaway by posting on social media pages using fake corporate logos and organizational communication systems linked to fake websites. They will also provide responses to these posts confirming the legitimacy of the fraud. When you succumb to these deceitful claims, these websites ask you to “confirm” your location by sending cryptocurrency to the fake giveaway. If you have any questions concerning where and how to report crypto scam, you can contact us at our site.

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